Ryugasaki Airport  Matsumoto Airport



The Airport is taken two hours from the downtown, and available for pilot training of small aircraft and sightseeing flight.
A students can train for each pilot license of aircraft under the experienced flight instructor.
( Private pilot competence certificate, Commercial pilot competence certificate )
For a person who is interested in aircraft or a person who aims at a pilot, please visit Ryugasaki Airport.
Please ask us advertising flight and photographing flight, too.
Address: 3177, Handa-machi, Ryugasaki City, Ibaraki
Telephone: 0297-62-1271


Please enjoy four seasons of Shinshu at the foot of the Japan Alps by sightseeing flight.
We always operate each flight from 10 minutes to 60 minutes to see grand nature.
Examples of course
 Matsumoto-jo castle course
4,540 yen
 Suwa Lake or Azumino course
9,080 yen
 Tateshinakogen Highlands course
13,620 yen
( We make a flight in addition to the above based on a passenger's request. Please feel free to contact us. )
Notice:The charge of each course is for adult and single. ( Minimum number of participants: two persons )
Please ask us pilot training of small aircraft, advertising flight and photographing flight, too.
Address: 8902, Kuukou-higashi, Matsumoto City, Nagano
Telephone: 0263-58-2222
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